Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

Playing computer games is now rampant to all ages, especially to teenagers who spend few hours in front of their computers. The coming of this amazing game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has brought another exciting and challenging experience to computer gamers.

Story Behind the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The story circles around the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, which brought new edge to the Cold War. In 1984, a one-eyed man having prosthetic arm appears in the country. For people who know this man called him Snake. He is the legendary mercenary who was once swept from the stage of history, and then left in a coma by an American private intelligence network Cipher. Ocelot, an old friend who saved him from attack when he finally awoke, accompanies snake.

Now, the Soviet forces in Afghanistan are holding Snake’s former partner Kazuhira Miller. Therefore, Snake has to undertake a solo mission, geared toward rescuing Miller and be able to prove to the world that the legendary mercenary is not yet dead and vanished.

The first step of the mission had led to a path of vengeance against the Cipher, who slaughtered several Snake’s men, and would lead to a battle that will involve the entire world. This is where the game started, in which when started with the Ground Zeroes should finish with V.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Review

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Life Is Strange Review

Life Is Strange Game Review


Life Is Strange Review written by one of the plumbers

Want to experience interactive drama and high quality game? Life Is Strange is becoming one of the most interesting games out there.

Being a teenager can be tough. There are several problems and obstacles you need to overcome. These may include suicide, bullies, absent parents, overbearing parents and standing up for the things or principles that you strongly believe in. Navigating drama and cliques is also a part of your story. Developer Dontnod is trying to bottle the self-discovery and turmoil of being a teenager using Life Is Strange.

Life Is Strange Game Review


Life Is Stranger depends on a choice-and-result narrative where the players undertake the role of Max Caulfield – a high school student with time-reversal powers while saving her best friend Chloe Price. The game not only focuses on the high school life of Max but it also sheds a light on her relationship as well as the mysterious fading of a local girl and her fellow student – Rachel Amber.

Players being the role of Max Caulfield, navigates school life using a linear path and interacts with friends, teachers and classmates using a choice-driven dialogue. However, these decisions are not set in tone. Therefore, players can choose the “rewind time” as soon as the conversation has ended. Also, you can boot out a scenario as frequently as you like without consequences and yet, your powers will only let you to back up for a usual amount of time. Read More

Mad Max Video Game Review

Mad Max Video Game Review

Mad Max Review

If you are searching for one of a kind video game, Mad Max can be one of the lists of your target games to play. It is an action and adventure game that sets a full of exciting phases to fight opponents using specialized and upgraded cars and arms. In this game, building and using a car would be your way to achieve the triumph in the game. You can make use this car as your way to defeat or fight against your enemies in the field. To know more about Mad Max, explore this review and know why it is a perfect game for you.


  • Crafting and Upgrading Weapons and Equipment for surviving in the game. Gamers should make difficult decisions once they work towards the idea of escaping The Wasteland.
  • Powerful weapons to entirely block threats against enemies and win the battle.
  • Design, Customize and Upgrade combat vehicle including the car bodies, mounted weapons, engines and special armors to survive in the game.



  • Thousands of mods can be done through customizing the performance and weapon within the game.
  • You can make fun in this game by making brutal way of defending your goal to win against the enemy by equipping your interceptor with great weapons and arms you have customized and upgraded along the game process.
  • You have the freedom to create the weapons or do anything that you think will work for you to win against your opponent in the game.
  • Enjoy winning in every activities and missions with high speed using your combat vehicle.
  • Make the first step of raiding the enemy on their encampments and gain their [resources for more powerful type of upgrades to include in your earned incentives on the game.
  • Awesome game weather setups which added to the extra amazing vision of the overall game making it unique and really a great game.

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Just Cause 3 Review

Just Cause 3 Review


Do you want a different kind of gaming experience? Just Cause 3 offers its great features, exciting adventures, driving various vehicles to drive and more amazing adventures the game provides. This game probably what answers your quest to playing a game while enjoying the sky, land and sea views.

About Just Cause 3 

The Mediterranean republic of Medici suffers under the brutal control of General Di Ravello, who is a dictator having an insatiable appetite for power. However, a man, named Enter Rico Rodriguez enters for a mission of destroying the hold on power of the General by any means necessary.

Having more than 400 square miles of complete freedom right from the sky to seabed, and then a huge arsenal of gadgets and vehicles, weaponry, you can now act as Rico Rodriguez who unleash chaos in the most creative as well as explosive ways, you can ever imagine.

Just Cause 3 Review

Just Cause 3 Provides Several Ways to Enjoy the Game 

In this game, you can explore a Mediterranean island paradise that has complete vertical freedom – BASE jump, skydive and free dive within an open world with virtually zero limit. You can even glide through the air and then swoop across mountains along with your Wingsuit that gives a new way to rain death from above.

Here you can use your Parachute and Grapple to move quickly, hijack vehicles, scale buildings, or tether the objects together for creative new ways in order to cause Chaos.

Just Cause 3 has Cause massive chains of destruction in harbors, military bases, police stations, prisons, as well as communications facilities to bring down a dictator. You can even arm yourself along with various explosive weaponry that range from missile launchers s and shotgun down to air strikes and tank-busters.

Huge Variety of Vehicles – you can choose from a huge variety of different vehicles that enables you to drive such as jets, speedboats, turbo-fueled sports cars helicopters, and super bikes.

You should not also miss the air, land and sea pass that includes three incredible DLC that packs no fan. Having the base game, Just Cause 3, you will be able to transform it into something you never imagine. Read More

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