Just Cause 3 Review

Just Cause 3 Review


Do you want a different kind of gaming experience? Just Cause 3 offers its great features, exciting adventures, driving various vehicles to drive and more amazing adventures the game provides. This game probably what answers your quest to playing a game while enjoying the sky, land and sea views.

About Just Cause 3 

The Mediterranean republic of Medici suffers under the brutal control of General Di Ravello, who is a dictator having an insatiable appetite for power. However, a man, named Enter Rico Rodriguez enters for a mission of destroying the hold on power of the General by any means necessary.

Having more than 400 square miles of complete freedom right from the sky to seabed, and then a huge arsenal of gadgets and vehicles, weaponry, you can now act as Rico Rodriguez who unleash chaos in the most creative as well as explosive ways, you can ever imagine.

Just Cause 3 Review

Just Cause 3 Provides Several Ways to Enjoy the Game 

In this game, you can explore a Mediterranean island paradise that has complete vertical freedom – BASE jump, skydive and free dive within an open world with virtually zero limit. You can even glide through the air and then swoop across mountains along with your Wingsuit that gives a new way to rain death from above.

Here you can use your Parachute and Grapple to move quickly, hijack vehicles, scale buildings, or tether the objects together for creative new ways in order to cause Chaos.

Just Cause 3 has Cause massive chains of destruction in harbors, military bases, police stations, prisons, as well as communications facilities to bring down a dictator. You can even arm yourself along with various explosive weaponry that range from missile launchers s and shotgun down to air strikes and tank-busters.

Huge Variety of Vehicles – you can choose from a huge variety of different vehicles that enables you to drive such as jets, speedboats, turbo-fueled sports cars helicopters, and super bikes.

You should not also miss the air, land and sea pass that includes three incredible DLC that packs no fan. Having the base game, Just Cause 3, you will be able to transform it into something you never imagine.

Review Of Just Cause 3


  • You will be provided with mindless fund as well as explosions everywhere.
  • It is not a story-driven story; instead, you will enjoy several villages, military bases and cities even without getting involved in the story for you to proceed the next level.
  • You will find the game having some of the best graphical detail.


  • There is no kill notification and so you will not know if you killed and enemy or not.
  • Some of the enemy explosions can just chain stun you, which makes it possible to grapple out into safety.
  • Also, no-on screen radar will supposed to show a map in order to find the mission targets.

Apart from some of the disadvantages that the game provides, Just Cause 3 still one of the most commonly played by computer gamers. It will just depend to the players on how they play the game well and efficiently.

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