Life Is Strange Review

Life Is Strange Game Review


Life Is Strange Review written by one of the plumbers

Want to experience interactive drama and high quality game? Life Is Strange is becoming one of the most interesting games out there.

Being a teenager can be tough. There are several problems and obstacles you need to overcome. These may include suicide, bullies, absent parents, overbearing parents and standing up for the things or principles that you strongly believe in. Navigating drama and cliques is also a part of your story. Developer Dontnod is trying to bottle the self-discovery and turmoil of being a teenager using Life Is Strange.

Life Is Strange Game Review


Life Is Stranger depends on a choice-and-result narrative where the players undertake the role of Max Caulfield – a high school student with time-reversal powers while saving her best friend Chloe Price. The game not only focuses on the high school life of Max but it also sheds a light on her relationship as well as the mysterious fading of a local girl and her fellow student – Rachel Amber.

Players being the role of Max Caulfield, navigates school life using a linear path and interacts with friends, teachers and classmates using a choice-driven dialogue. However, these decisions are not set in tone. Therefore, players can choose the “rewind time” as soon as the conversation has ended. Also, you can boot out a scenario as frequently as you like without consequences and yet, your powers will only let you to back up for a usual amount of time.

‘Teenager’ is the perfect situation for the game Life Is Strange. One of its beauties is that it will give the players an out for every teenage mistake. Any decision you will make, any words choice and any way you manage a situation can be reversed in a scene by literally pushing of a button. Since the power is always with you, you’ll be drawn to use it and persuade yourself that the other opportunity is better than the other one. Max should quickly find out that changing the past can sometimes result in a devastating future.

Life Is Strange Video Game Review


By playing Life Is Stranger, you can have the excellent opportunity to:

  • Experience a beautifully written new game of adventure
  • Hand-painted and striking visuals
  • Rewind time when changing the sequence of events
  • Manifold endings depending on the choices you make
  • Sparse but clever time puzzles split up the story
  • Licensed, distinct indie soundtrack featuring Foals, alt-J, Jose Gonzales

Review Of Life Is Strange Game

The Good

What makes the game very interesting and one of a kind? It is not just about the setting, designs and other hand-painted, striking visuals but it also teaches lessons that the players can learn while playing the game. Life Is Stranger serves as a wonderful story of friendship that are told gently and with care.

If you like interactive storytelling such as heavy rain, until dawn, titles, telltales and others that arises your interest, Life Is Stranger is perfect for you. What most customers like about the game is the capacity to explore every set piece for deeper story elements. It will make you feel that it is believable and grounded.

Video games have expanded for the past years. Now, they have been made more interactive and engaging. Life Is Strange is one of the best games, especially if you want mystery, drama and intense game settings.