Tom Clancy's The Division Preview

Tom Clancy’s The Division Preview

When the Division comes this March, there would be a bound to the different comparisons primarily made between the other games and this Ubisoft IP. With the strong multiplayer integration that it has, the first one would be the Destiny while for the persistent open world, the Watch Dogs, Witcher 3, and the GTA 5. You could merely say that Tom Clancy’s The Division is the kind of game that the Watch Dogs should cross with many good things in regarding the Destiny and a lot more.

First, let us talk about its own setting. You may find your own self in places such as New York right in the middle of a certain crisis. The targeted chemical track as well as the smallpox outbreak has mainly begun on the Black Friday and the disease has been widespread on the banknotes. All the emergency services along with the national institutions have already been blocked. The citizens are on riot and massive casualties there have been.

This is made even more terrifying because the plot of The Division is based on the real simulation that is carried out by the United States way back in the year 2001, which is called the Dark Winter.

Tom Clancy's The Division Group Preview

Below are most important things that you must know about the Tom Clancy’s The Division.

The Division mainly see you playing as one of the parts of the agent’s civilian sleeper cell trying to bring New York City back coming from brink of the oblivion. There is a need for you to establish a so-called Base of Operations, which is the sanctuary for people that would slowly bring back the sense of normality.

Getting all the three wings back via online would give you success to the missions as well as side quests all around the map that fall into one of the categories. In addition to that, this would be played any time and in any order. On the other hand, it is necessary to become aware that some may be very difficult for the level of the character.

Unlike other games including the Destiny, characters found here in The Division are not mainly confined to class of characters. This is all about having options in order to make the character that would not only fit in the play style of the player, but also would develop abilities as what other team members have. This simply means that you have the freedom to change the abilities and perks of the characters whenever you want.

Tom Clancy's The Division Video Game Preview

You should forget wilderness that Witcher 3 has because this a type of open-world game, which in the first place is immersive and believable. But, you would not be able to rescue New York City against the pandemic grip without agents in your side. Moreover, Tom Clancy’s The Division allows the players to play the game with at least three of their friends as the squad whenever they wish to. This means that the co-op is always available across the missions in the story along with the side quests and a lot more.

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