Rainbow Six Siege Game Review The Latest Developments

Rainbow Six Siege Game Review: The Latest Developments

Rainbow 6 Siege Year 2 Review

So what’s going on in the world of Rainbow Six Siege these days? This FPS game is a hoot as any recent Rainbow Six Siege Game review can attest to, and its increasing number of fans confirms its excellent playability. It’s hard to remember that when it was first released a few years ago, the collective reaction of the gaming community was largely a non-committal shrug. Now Ubisoft just announced that they’re on track to hit 20 million registered users by the end of August 2017.

I love this game so much I play and stream on Twitch part-time apart from running my own Hawaii tree service company (Small Axe Tree Service Oahu). Check out this short video montage:

If you’re one of those 20 million users like me (or you’re planning to be one), then these news reports should attract your interest: 

Rainbow 6 Siege Operation Health Review

1. Ubisoft is running “Operation Health” for the game, and it’s expected to go on for about 3 months. This operation is designed to rid the game of its worst bugs for a better overall game experience.

Rainbow 6 Siege Alpha Packs Review

2. They’ve also introduced “Alpha Packs”, which are randomized loot drops that offer cosmetic items. More than 1,000 cosmetic items are available, with new variants of weapons to go with weapon skins, charms, and headgear. More than 30 Legendary items are available as well. You can buy these things in bundles at the in-game shop with Renown, which is the game currency you earn when you play the game. In the future, however, real world money can be used for these things.

Rainbow Six Siege Alpha Packs

3. You can also win these Alpha Packs when you’re in the winning team of a Casual or Ranked multiplayer match. They’re not available if you just play in the Terrorist Hunt game mode.

4. Matches will start to be hosted on dedicated servers, instead of just depending on peer-to-peer. This will include features such as party migration and voice chat. With voice and party no longer on P2P, you’re now more able to connect with your buddies and form parties to play the games. This is still in the preliminary testing phase, however, so voice chat connection issues are quite likely.

5. The lag compensation for melee has also been removed, and this change is being tested as well for feedback. This keeps melee attacks from a significant distance from killing low ping players. However, the high ping players may feel like they’re not hitting with their melee attacks.

Rainbow Six Siege New Year 2 Road Map

6. There may be 8 new operators as well. For R6S newbies, operators are playable characters, and they can be attackers or defenders. Right now there are still 30 R6S operators to choose from. Some of these operators must be unlocked first, and you can do that with the in-game currency you earn through playing. Each operator has particular abilities and a unique gadget. These gadgets can be anything, such as a flip sight for snipers, a rifle shield, or even EMP grenades to counter defensive technology even through walls.

7. Speaking of gadgets, the X-KAIROS launcher of Hibana is certainly inconsistent. It may be interrupted or delayed due to high latency or poor network conditions. Now these problems have been solved.

Don’t expect the definite Rainbow Six Siege Game review until all the additions and changes have been made. Operation Health continues on, so expect more changes (and improvements) in the days to come!