State Of Decay 2 Preview Top Features to Expect

State Of Decay 2 Preview: Top Features to Expect


The current zombie apocalypse trend in entertainment hasn’t waned yet, and in fact it may be surging once more. That may be due to the excitement generated by news that State of Decay 2 for Xbox (and Windows 10) is now in the pipeline.

The original had a loyal following, though it had its own set of pros and cons. What drew many to the game was its unique blend of various gameplay elements. However, let’s just say that the technical execution of the concepts weren’t exactly impressive.

So now what can we expect of the sequel? Here’s a quick State of Decay 2 preview look: 

1. This new game now offers co-op multiplayer, with up to a maximum of 4 players. You can fire a flare gun into the air, and this is an invitation for any of your Xbox Live Friends who state their availability for the game. Of course, you can still play solo.

2. Like the original, the main focus of SoD2 is about actually trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, and that includes mundane yet crucial concerns such as food and transportation. You also don’t play a single character and instead you control a whole community. These characters now include a gardener as well as a movie fight choreographer (and therefore good at actually fighting zombies).

Preview Of State Of Decay 2

3. With the gardener, you can create the farms you need for your community. But then you need seeds for that, and this means you need to have people going to another town to get them. The game has maps for other towns, so it does feel a lot bigger than the original.

4. You can drive to the other towns, and along the way you will encounter the zombies. You can mow them down, but then this will not just use up fuel but also damage your vehicles.

5. Different kinds of zombies are featured in the game. There’s the standard zombie as well as a hugely powerful creature that smashes things with glee. Then there’s the non-attacking zombie, who’s still a nuisance because it screams and attracts the attention of other (more dangerous) zombies.

State Of Decay 2 Preview

6. You can fight zombies in the open or inside building. When you’re rummaging through a strange town, you have to be very quiet and slow. You can be quick, but then you’ll make noise and risk attracting the attention of the zombie hordes. You also have to be careful when you return to your own community, as zombies may follow you. In fact, when you’ve succeeded in getting your planting seeds and begin work on your farm, you may make too much noise and attract zombies to your town.

7. You can fight off the zombies playing characters along with NPC friends. If you die, you’re dead and it’s permanent. You also suffer fatigue in this game, and this will require you to rest your characters.

Basically, the gameplay is quite involved. In many ways it’s a vast improvement on the original, though it’s not yet clear whether State of Decay 2 will have the much-needed polish that the first one clearly lacked.